Mr Raj Sukheja is the CXO of Red Mammoth Ventures, a Business, Finance and Technology consulting !rm. Red Mammoth provides services to its clients on all aspects of the business life cycle, starting from the incorporation of the company to the management of its stressed assets. Mr Sukheja is also a published author and an acclaimed thought leader in his domain. In his career spanning over three decades, Mr Sukheja has worked for companies like Interways Corporation of America, Monash Software Systems and Engineering (Jiangsu), Twinstar and Global Anthem, across 8 di"erent countries. His expertise spans across the Financial Services and Outsourcing industries and has provided consulting services to domestic as well as international organisations like Idea Cellular, Weatherford Oil, Schlumberger, Golden Eagle, HIC Investments, Mind Africa Group etc.

Mr Sukheja takes out his time to get up close and personal with us on topics around finance and technology, and his vision of their future.

Please share your journey with us in the financial services industry.

My Financial Consulting journey is about three decades old and I have consulted for companies around the globe including in the USA, Singapore, Mauritius and the Middle East. In many assignments, I have assisted in raising capital in the form of debt or equity for my clients. Earlier, I had been involved in the foundation of a BPO and e-governance company in Hyderabad, in which I had managed a team of over 1000 members. Through it, I had the privilege of assisting over 100 IT startups in their formative days.

Red Mammoth Ventures LLP is where we consult for companies within India and as well as overseas towards raising capital, be it debt or equity, as well as business strategy related support. Besides, we also offer merger and acquisition services to our clients, both in the buy or sell space. We are building a sector-agnostic clientele by delivering services across all industries.

We are consistently handling deals of about 100 crores every month which we hope to expand 3x by January 2022.

According to you, what have been the three game-changing ideas in this sector?

The introduction of technology to the finance sector has led to the fruition of various platforms, including Fintech, Payment Gateway Solutions & Wallets, P2P Lending Platforms (crowdfunding) and more have revolutionized this business. More solutions will come into play when creativity and technology along with the need for finance come together. This will eventually result in the introduction of new products leading to higher yields.

Tell us about your offering

Our Offering is simple yet effective. We assist in raising capital the easy way, particularly for small and mid-sized companies within India and overseas. The solutions we provide often leverage the knowledge and connections of our leadership team. This pushes the velocity of the service better, resulting in faster results for our clients.

Are your clients able to see long term value in your offering?

Yes. Moreover, we like to tell our clients to look at us as an External Financial Division and keep us in the loop for their continued requirements. Whether it is capital raising, strategizing the launch of a new product line, planning and management of a new project – we ensure that the availability of capital and know-how is at hand when required.

Technology is a boon for the financial services industry, please share your views.

Technology is a boon as it provides you with instant reach and access to both people and solutions. Both these facets are important when it comes to raising capital or managing the funds at your disposal.

There would be a need for regulatory oversight to ensure that the advent of new technology seamlessly slips into the industry without raising any ethical questions. The absence of this could make technology a bane for financial services, or any industry for that matter. Other effects of technology, like a disruptive change in the industry or changes in consumer behaviour, would eventually be accommodated into the market.

Who are among your existing tie-ups?

With our presence across industries and geographies, we have been able to tie up with a variety of institutions. This includes domestic banks, financial institutions, NBFCs, HNIs and International Family Offices, and specialized funds. The wide range of tie-ups ensures that we muster new experiences in uncharted territories each day, and expand our repertoire of services.

Your views on the Moneyedge collaboration and how to scale up.

In any strategic tie-up, the presence of opportunity, the right time and the right team can have a huge impact on business, corporate relationships and results. A collaboration between Red Mammoth and Moneyedge stands to assist both of us in a variety of ways. Together we can concentrate on efforts to counter our weaknesses and fortify our strengths. I strongly believe that collaboration with Moneyedge will benefit both parties in building our paths towards a robust and healthy growth trajectory.

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