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We add glitter to your golden assets lying idle.

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There are situations when we have to borrow money urgently to fulfil pressing needs. In such cases, an option of cashing in on instant liquidity in the form of gold assets is a boon. If you have sufficient gold assets at your disposal, you can always use them as collateral and avail a gold loan.. This is a fairly simple and hassle-free process.
Our Gold loans are customized to your specific needs. They come bundled with lucrative benefits, as listed below:
  • The term for gold loans ranges from a few months up to 1 year, depending on how you plan to repay it
  • It is approved almost instantly, within a maximum 24 hours; it works really well when the need for a loan is critical.
  • Gold loans generally come with a lower rate of interest than other loans, which makes it easier to pay them
  • Interest rates on gold loans 13% (Reducing balance interest), subject to change.

Interest rates on gold loans

Interest rates on gold loans 13% (Reducing balance interest), subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a loan secured against the gold ornaments / gold coins which the member pledges with the Credit Society. The loan can be utilised for personal / business & any other non-speculative purposes. Gold loan can be availed quickly and easily instead of going to Money lender / Goldsmith with higher rate of interest.
Only wearable gold ornaments from 18k to 22 karat and bank minted coins (24 karat) can be funded. Non-funded items include such as cufflinks Gold watch, gold utensils cannot be accepted, jewellery not more than 50% deduction, white gold, diamond jewellery, gold bars.
You can avail 75% of the valuation given by the valuers
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