CRM and Fintech in 2021

The journey leading to edge CRM

edge CRM was envisioned as a product that would streamline sales operations while keeping it easy to use. Most CRMs have failed to reach its maximum utility promise because it couldnʼt generate a positive perception among salespeople towards these applications. We tried to make sure that salespeople find a cool assistant in edge CRM rather than an additional piece of work.

As our catchphrase says, edge CRM is made for the salespeople by the salespeople. Having spent the initial years of my career in sales and business development, I was able to specifically pinpoint the bottlenecks a salesperson faces daily. These inputs went into the building of edge CRM, thus incorporating intricacies that we felt every CRM must possess.

We have been doing well in the UI/UX and web development sectors, which helped us in making a software that was effective yet easy to use. And after two years and with 1200+ happy users, I can safely claim that it has worked out well. We are looking forward to adding many more satisfied customers and surpassing milestones of success along the way.

Tech innovation through edge CRM

Financial services are seeing the emergence of tech innovations like never before. The financial service sector, be it banks, co-operative societies, or insurance firms, is upgrading itself on the technology front to increase and retain its market presence. Companies are reaching out to their clients through their web presence and social media influence. To ensure fast-paced interactions with clients, websites and CTI integration have become the need of the hour.

edge CRM is equipped with future-ready features that are fast becoming benchmarks of the financial sector. edge CRMʼs financial cloud is helping businesses to become more client-centric by providing it with the explicit means to surge their growth.

The highly scalable and automated processes of edge CRM speeds up the market readiness of new products. Itʼs simplified on-boarding process halves the time between KYC applications and fund investment. edge CRM has the complete suite of features the financial sector needs right now.

On being awarded the Promising CRM for 2021 among international CRM companies

The award is a reminder that we are on the right path. To be recognised as the most promising CRM gives us encouragement, joy and a sense of achievement in equal measures. In these challenging times, it was the perfect dose of motivation we needed.

What makes edge CRM a winner is an innovative stride and the unhindered spirit of the team behind it. In its core, the aim and purpose of edge CRM lie in customer satisfaction. Understanding customer needs and providing them with a reliable and quick solution is what makes edge CRM stand out among its peers.

Mudra Co-op Credit Society wins the most promising Fintech start-up. Role of technology and edge CRM in this success.

Mudra Credit Society is expanding vastly and digital transformation has a massive role in it. edge CRM has revolutionized Mudraʼs sales process; right from lead creation to sales and through to appraisals. edge CRM has simplified manual processes like lead generation and order processing while adding more efficiency into them. Mudraʼs customer-facing teams are now doing lesser desk work and utilising more of their time in serving customers.

Seamless integration of information through edge CRMʼs Mobile App has enabled relationship managers to provide real-time and customised service to customers. It has also brought in swift decision making and an empowered environment and enables Mudra to afford higher and better customer engagement and value.

More coherent integration of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google ads with the CRM helps Mudra to directly connect the social media interactions within the eco-system. With these integrations, the customer response time has drastically reduced, powering the sales team to clock a quicker turn-around-time. Besides, the incorporation of website, CTI, and other ongoing integrations with edge CRM are together bringing in a stronger focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

Mudra – plans for the future

The foremost goal is to enrich and ease the banking experience of the customer. With the launch of Mudra online fixed and recurring deposit feature, we aim to employ core bank system integration.

We are focusing on giving perfection to the customer journey of each Mudra customer. By adding new features to edge CRM we expect to further smoothen the client experience.

As the new year dawns, we foresee new opportunities, new attributes, and a worthwhile experience for our customers.

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