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Being in a highly regulated industry, what challenges do you face?

Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited is a BSE listed Non-Deposit Taking NBFC focussed on lending to underserved Indian MSMEs and consumers. We are regulated by both RBI and SEBI and being in the purview of two regulators means we must maintain the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance. Our board comprises six Independent Non-Executive Directors, with the two JMDs, Karan Desai and Rohanjeet Singh Juneja being the only Executive Directors. Having a strong, well respected,diverse, and independent board ensures that our governance frameworks are robust and unbiased. We have also built a strong in-house compliance function whose focus is on keeping our business aligned with any changes in the regulatory framework.

What role fintech plays in your industry?

The Indian FinTech ecosystem is deep and well-diversified with players operating across the spectrum of payments, lending, investments, and insurance. As a lender, we partner with several FinTechʼs across areas like customer sourcing, underwriting, fulfillment etc. The current pandemic has accelerated the engagement with FinTechs for many lenders including Dhanvarsha. If I were to answer this question in a single sentence I would say that Fintechʼs are not competition for us, instead, we view them as partners who help us build, deploy and scale solutions around low touch customer onboarding, high-speed underwriting, and digital fulfillment

Tell us about your journey and legacy in this industry

Dhanvarsha started its operations in the year 2017. We are an independent, and extremely well-governed institution promoted under the aegis of the 80-year-old Wilson Group of Mumbai that pioneered the Wilson Pens and stationery brand.

Dhanvarsha was formed with a vision to empower business and offer financial access to the unserved and underserved entrepreneurs of India. The mission is not just to achieve broad-based financial inclusion in India but also achieve financial inclusion with a greater social purpose – to build social capital.

Initially, we started as traditional lenders offering secure loans against properties and gradually diversified into unsecured consumer loans and small ticket size business loans looking to serve the hitherto unserved and underserved segment of borrowers. In the last one year, we have diversified into other sub-segments like education and healthcare loans and have recently started our gold loans vertical. Currently, we are customizing our main products across sub-segments in order to provide structured, timely, and consistent solutions to our clients, thereby building long-lasting relationships with them.

Along with a strong promoter legacy, we have a completely independent board consisting of stalwarts with rich experience. Our entrepreneurial management team is highly experienced, having earned their stripes across leading BFSI companies including Union Bank of India, Kissht, PwC, Seawolf Capital, Kotak Mahindra Bank, etc. Our employees are the stakeholders of the business and each one of them, be it at any level of the hierarchy is entitled to our ESOP program

Share the scope for innovative products in your industr

Internet penetration in India has accelerated to reach an average of 40 million new users every year — the fastest in the world. Low-cost smartphones, combined with affordable data packages, have propelled digital far beyond the big cities. The result — 400 million Indian consumers are now online. These online consumers view credit not as a product but as a service that allows them to consume experiences, grow their businesses, and finance infrastructure, and capital needs. When consumers access credit, they do not compare one financial service provider with another, instead, they compare experiences. Keeping this in mind I would say that the biggest innovations are not going to be in products but instead in the ways that consumers consume these products. As a lender, our approach is to design simple products that our consumers find easy to understand and even easier and faster to access and consume.

How do you see strategic alliances playing a role in business growth?

At Dhanvarsha it is all about collaboration and not competition. This is what differentiates us. We have always believed that collaboration is the future for building robust businesses. We aim at building a strong partner ecosystem and have collaborated with multiple partners from various sectors. We do not see other loan companies as our competition. We instead try to leverage off each otherʼs strength to reach out to all our customers who are looking for quick funds and in turn, we grow together. The company is making significant strides in collaborating with various partners and stakeholders for future periods as well.

How do you specifically view your collaboration with the Moneyedge group?

Our collaboration with Moneyedge is a meeting of two entities to harness the power of possibilities. These possibilities are centered around making financial services accessible to everybody. Dhanvarsha and Moneyedge group will leverage each otherʼs products and distribution capabilities to create a unique value proposition for their customers which will enable both organizations to thrive in the years to come.

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