Story of Vested Finance

Vested is a US Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor. Our online platform enables investors from India to invest in US stocks and ETFs easily. At Vested, we believe that the economy is global and connected. As such, it is important that your investment portfolio be global as well.

Vested helps Indian investors in the easy and smooth diversification of their wealth globally. Vested facilitates an easy onboarding and investment journey to the client, along with easy to read content and information to help them make better investment decisions. We also provide pre-built portfolios called Vests that are built on multi-asset investing and theme-based investing strategies. Additionally, we provide all the taxation related information that an Indian investor would require as a part of their tax planning.

Why should one invest in US Stocks?

In 2021, Indians are now eyeing international investments in larger numbers than ever before. There are several factors fuelling this interest but the most primary is diversification.

Whatʼs interesting about US stocks is that you not only get exposure to the United States but also to the world, as many companies have global operations but are listed there. Portfolio diversification is one of the many reasons why investing in US stocks is a helpful addition to your portfolio. US indices such as the NASDAQ and S&P 500 have very little correlation with Indian indices such as the Sensex – 0.36 over the past decade, to be precise. From a diversification perspective, this makes investing internationally an essential task for Indian investors.

The vision behind Vested

The Vested journey began in the US when Vested co-founders, myself and Darwin, were studying at UC Berkeley. I and Indonesia-born Darwin connected on a common pain point that our wealth back at home was completely locally concentrated. In the US, however, investors have 15% of their portfolio invested in international equities. The idea of Vested sprung from a question in our mind - Why is there not an easy and cost-effective solution available back at home for us to diversify geographically?

Over time our vision has evolved – we are now working towards delivering unique cross-border wealth diversification to Indian citizens across the world. Offering a fractional US public market investing product is the first step we have taken towards this vision.

Role of Technology in scaling up

Technological advancements are the bedrock of the services provided by Vested. Before Vested, there were multiple barriers between an Indian investor and the US markets. You would have to fill up paperwork to open an account, transferring funds was a headache, $100,000 minimum deposits were required and commissions were expensive. Now one can open a US brokerage account online from the comforts of their home, transfer funds in an easy manner and invest in Amazon and Apple through an app – such is the power of technology. Technology will continue to play a key role in Vestedʼs growth. We have identified the need for a seamless and transparent solution for international investing and are working towards delivering it.

SWOT analysis

We are still in the early days of international investing from India and at this point, all weʼre seeing are ample opportunities in the market space. Our key focus lies in the creation of a strong end-to-end product that harnesses the opportunities of the international market.

About the Team

Weʼre incredibly proud of our close-knit team of 33 talented individuals. As a part of an exciting service delivery, our team is dedicated to providing the best experience to customers. Starting with our core founding team, Vested has a diverse workforce, which is why our team can bring different perspectives to the table. We have an internal eco-system where we encourage to identify our mistakes, learn from them and keep progressing at a fast rate. Our team has been developed through the hire of individuals who are a good cultural fit for the company. We believe that a team member needs only to incorporate the Vested culture, as everything else can be learned.

On collaboration with Moneyedge

Under the able leadership, Moneyedge has created an excellent platform for managing portfolios and introducing relevant financial products to individuals. We see the collaboration with Moneyedge as highly synergistic. We at Vested are confident and keen to partner with Moneyedgeʼs carefully curated client base in geographically diversifying their holdings.

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